Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light

In our media-saturated society, we experience a new type of fractured reality, made up of multiple converging perspectives and identities that play out in virtual and physical realms. We display our fractured selves through a multitude of platforms and take on different versions of our identities from mothers to activists to shameless self-promoters.

Traces of ourselves and others become ghostly whorls of past, future, and present times.

As we adapt to an era of multiplicity, our ideas of space and time are shifting. Our perspectives are entangled in an undefined, expanding continuum, where space, time, objects, movement, sound and style can be combined, separated, configured and recombined in limitless fashion.

What are these hybrid entities we create and how do they redefine our conceptions of space, time, objects, movement, sound and style?

To answer these questions, we explore fragmented realities through integrating improvisational movement, 360° camera technology, multiple traditional cameras, tangible props, artificial intelligence-based painterly abstraction processing and processed vocal soundscapes.

360° and digital cameras by Reese Muntean
still processing and AI abstraction by Steve DiPaola
movement, costume and props by Shannon Cuykendall and prOphecy sun
sound design, vocal processing and video editing by prOphecy sun