A Small Piece of Sky

Presented as part of the Choreography Walk at Dance in Vancouver, curated by Justine A. Chambers:

Inspired by the Soundwalk, participants will be led on a two-hour silent walk through the city of Vancouver. The Choreography Walk will invite eight curated dance/performance-makers to develop fleeting choreographic works that respond to “choreography as a way of seeing the world” (Klein, Valk, Gormly).

Where the Soundwalk is
“an excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment... to rediscover and reactivate our sense of hearing” (Weterkamp),

the Choreography Walk invites choreographers to create work that will re-shuffle context, broaden participants perception and draw attention to the many choreographic acts of the everyday.

choreographed by Mirae Rosner and prOphecy sun
performers Mirae Rosner, prOphecy sun, Robert Leveroos and Darcy McMurray
costumes Mirae Rosner and prOphecy sun
prop design Meghan Rosner