The George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is situated on Westham Island’s farmland and consists of a plethora of wetlands, ponds, intertidal marshes, walkways and low dykes next to the Fraser River.

There are approximately 200+ species of birds such as snow geese, sandhill cranes, mallards, bald eagles, spotted towhee, yellowlegs, long-billed dowitchers and western sandpipers, to name a few.

2021 Jack and Doris Shadbolt Fellow in the Humanities, Simon Fraser University prOphecy sun
curatorial essay Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan
artist statement, artist biography prOphecy sun
web design Deanna Peters/Mutable Subject
sound compositions, editing, mixing prOphecy sun photographs, drone, video stills Reese Muntean and prOphecy sun