Carrying Others

A series of aerial vignettes using drones that survey and surveil the landscape. Referencing Michele De Certeau’s ideas on how pathways unsettle existing patterns and habits – mental, physical, and emotional – this work illustrates a spectrum of methods and potentialities on how pathways become meaningful or transformative as we breathe new life into them. This lens-based work brings the view up close, following a body meandering through an urban park, next to water passages along their journeys elsewhere,

investigating movement and unknown perspectives rarely seen or felt.

The video triptych invites viewers to consider a new spectrum of consciousness by witnessing a dance among a human form, an ever-changing species and the unseen collaborator flying above. Ultimately, this speculative artwork presents an improvisational layered account of discovery, interspecies mingling and reflection – revealing how bodies meld with objects to become other, suggesting how non-human city dwellers may perceive the interactions below, and how new physical geographies and potentialities of flight and levity with vibrant objects can carve space in urban landscapes.

created by prOphecy sun and Reese Muntean
shown at the Thornlea White Gallery at the University of Exeter