Play with Parents

An homage of sorts to the unconventional moments of domestic play, mothering and child-led parenting. This project questions our contemporary culture's obsession with what it means to be a good role model. Taking place in a rural backyard, two adults and two toddlers engage with each other and a trampoline in a series of absurd activities.

investigating movement and unknown perspectives rarely seen or felt.

prOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice threads together conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound and environment to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory. Referencing recent traditions of Performance Art and Land Art, her doctoral research takes up these ideas alongside what theorist Jane Bennett calls vibrant objects,

across thresholds, into domestic geographies, considering how the maternal body responds to the agency of things in the world.

single-channel video and sound installation
iPhone film transferred to HD video, 07:00 mins, loops
iPhone environment sounds transferred to line 6 pedal
with the addition of processed voice, delay and loop